merch banner Life as we know it, as tangible, though it may seem, is largely engineered by people with a very distinct and explicit blueprint that is executed upon with acute precision. “Everything is rigged in favor of the elites.” Is that a problem? Where does that leave us? Who are the “elites”? Who are “the people”? Are people “animals”? What is an “animal”?

Throughout the millennia, of generations upon generations, minds who’ve lived and died on planet earth, in their best attempts to understand these questions found what sufficed to them as answers to them, in the sacred ritual of creative dance, art, music, and dress. What we call “culture” today. These invisible ideas emerge through the epochs of time through these beings coalescing out of the ether to incarnate these wonderous principles, implanted in the conscious mind to wonder. While the world, as we know it, fills the void with sights and sound which might deafen the beckoning calls of those eternal voices, there have many who have harnessed the power behind them, both for good and for evil at all levels, whether rich or poor, across all continents, and all nations.

Good God Father is the exercise of one man’s mind to recognize the unity, within and without all of these things, to recognize the source from where that energy emanates from. To dare to offer an answer to the questions that seem to never end, and enter in to a perspective of the cosmos that is without questions, having been satisfied by the implicit nature of their existence. Inspired by this idea, Sean Lewis (aka Xwan Solo), carries a torch lit in the heart through the hallowed tradition of expression in song, literature, video, performance and other avenues. This torch burns for the knowledge of human kind, through understanding and experience guided by wisdom, and takes shape through live streamed video, music production, and live performance. Fueled by the edgy angst of 80s and 90s alternative rock, pop, metal and punk music, fused with studio digital music of the 21st century, Xwan attempts to ignite the fires of an eternal passion, which strikes at the core of every atom of everything both animate and inanimate, and therefore call out of dark graves the martyrs of old who’ve suffered the injustice of violence at the hand of corruption.

Xwan began his journey, both as an artist, and as a mystic, at around the age of 12, after being baptized at age 11. He signed up for percussion class in school, inspired by the talents of his older cousin, yet, in finding guitars in the closets of both mother and grandfather, Xwan would craft his own skills on the six string, learning favorite songs. As his abilities developed, and further training, theology would soon be a strong source of strength, and purpose. Little did he know how important this infusion would be, as later in life, after a handful of bands, home recording studios, and record labels, a wife and two kids, a key would unlock an insight that has yet to permeate the collective experience of modern music.

That is the origins of the tradition of Christian worship. While a commercial war exists between the faith, and the entertainment industry, Xwan, in his life as a musician found himself exploring both sides of the chasm in order to discover his own place within either. These ingredients would be the soup out of which Good God Father, as a brand, would incarnate, in 2016. Pulling from the spiritual and mystical importance of the groundwork laid by the liturgies of St. Basil, St. John Chrysostom, St. James the Just, and the Psalms of King David, a desire emerged to uncover the songs that Yeshua (the proper Hebrew name of the man referred to as “Jesus” in English Bibles), would have sung in his day and age, and how he would have sung them.

The answer would prove to be vast and rich in both content and importance, as the records would show that music, culture and celebration are at the very center of the mission of Yeshua, and His Apostles, so much so, that for the next two thousand years, the Christian religion that came from them would offer a cornucopia of music to the rest of the world which would irreversibly and irrevocably incite and inspire generations to study, devotion, unity, and progress, as a species. The Gospel, it would seem, is a song, and the Eucharist table the stage from which believers throughout the ages would find reason to rejoice in. However, where things are today, although rich in goodness, seemed a far cry from what Xwan would observe in the documented historical experience, in many ways, including substance, and in understanding.

Therefore, Good God Father, becomes a model which is both a child under the grace, and favor of the tradition, molded by what has been passed down through the eons. Yet also, it is an innovation, not in deviation to the tradition, but in line with it, following the spirit, enlightened by the letter. This is what Xwan is attempting here, through music, through visual art, social media, web design, photography, live stream, even down to commentary on current events. A holistic model of creating, and a mystical model of being.

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