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Greetings Beloved,

Praying for your safety during these times of treachery. It’s me, Xwan, here, having just recovered from a week of no internet, and 36 hours without power. Things are back online now, and we’re awaking to discover that on the other side of the storm, YouTube has decided to pin another strike on our channel for previously generated content. Two videos were cited for “deceptive misinformation”. Nothing deceptive or misinformative about any of it, of course. So, all the more reason to get over to our alternative outlets to keep up with the mission:

DLive Rumble

I’ll be going live tonight to cover this, plus, my aunt and uncle in law are producing their first video game, so we’re going to watch a view of their videos about it to get caught up. They’ve been super supportive of me and my work over the years, so it’s a real honor and privilege to finally do a little just to return the favor and gratitude for how generous they’ve been to me.

We’re also still looking at launching the new website. Development is complete, as of right now, so what we’re looking at in terms of generating buzz is a livestream video event, featuring live performance from Xwan, and other media to get things started off right. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled, and let your friends know when that goes down. We’ll establish a date for that soon, so just keep your ear to the ground.

That’s all for now. We’ll see you tonight, at 7 pm PST on DLive YouTube Twitch Facebook Periscope


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