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Shalom Beloved,

We hope you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration, for those of you in the states. With that past us, we are now within less than 30 days before we hit the road with the eXtreme Tour. So as we, (my son is coming with me this year on the road), run around like chickens with their heads cut off to prepare, hopefully you’ve made your way over to Bandcamp to get your download of the new song Waves. Now, there’s an update on this… I set a release date for 07-07-2020, but, there was a complication with the timing of the processing through the distribution service we’re using (

So, as of right now, the song is not available on any streaming services. That means the only way of hearing the song is either by downloading it, or being one of those awesome listeners who listens to certain stations that run the track on their rotation. I know, we’re just as frustrated as you are.

Don’t delay, act today! Get on over to Bandcamp for your download!

We’ll be posting dates soon, so you can see where we’re going to be making our stops, but if you’re curious to know right away, you can find out more about the eXtreme Tour at their website:

The eXtreme Tour. com

The Extreme Tour.Com

We’re on the West Coast leg of the tour, starting August 3, in Boise, ID, and then ending up back in Oregon before X Fest NW on Labor Day Weekend.

There’s plenty we have yet to do just to get ready. Right now, I’m looking at my van, which has brakes that were bad LAST year on the tour… so, I’ve got to change those. Plus probably an oil change. We’re also putting in an order for more necklaces. Haven’t gotten around to figuring out what merch to bring, but I’ve still got CDs from last year (a few), and I’ve got plenty of artwork to boot. Plus, new Black, Hemp and Gold wire stranded prayer ropes. I’ve completed only one so far though, and need to get back to work on those. And to be honest, I still have yet to get through any rehearsals, but those are easy, when it’s just you, and you wrote the songs, you know what I mean?

SO, it’s a busy busy busy next few weeks here, but you can follow along every step by following along at all of our social media platforms:

Twitter Facebook Instagram Parler Minds Gab

And of course, if you’d like to support and feed us out there on the road, you can donate at:

OK, so, there you have it. That should get us caught up for now. Stay tuned for those tour dates, and in the mean time, be sure to comment on social media telling us what you think of the new tune!

YHVH bless and keep you,


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