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Shalom Beloved, As the Twitter purge trudges along, GGF continues the onward march from glory to glory, and I’ve managed to get plenty of dirt under my nails working on a number of projects simultaneously. We’ll talk about that, and we’ll talk about a new crush that I have… who is it? You’ll have to find out at the end of the email!

First, the most immediate is the website,

GGF Page

It’s not ready to go live yet, but here’s a preview of the work I’ve gotten done so far. I’m using the casper3 Hugo theme to build it, and have run in to that fairly steep learning curve in molding things to be what I want, but I’m really looking forward to where I can end up by the end of things.

With this, I plan on issuing a change in email at the same time to coordinate with the website, using the url. So far I’ve just been forwarding to my Bandcamp, but I’m thinking about setting it up as under-construction soon.

If you’re a Hugo-naut, and have any experience in developing a website, and want to lend your knowledge to a humble beggar, please let me know.

As part of this development, we’ve been pushing hard to swap/migrate our social media channels to continue to plug away at publishing as much content as possible. Here’s where things are at:

Central to our efforts is videos, that’s why we’ve pushed over a half dozen videos on video platform, Rumble. Check a few of those out here

Phobic Live @KPSU

Baptismal Fount Official Music Video

Hemet, CA Live from My City Youth on the eXtreme Tour 2019 (Featuring Harli Stebner of the Hollybells)

The Preparation Live at XFestNW 2019

On the heels of that, we’re taking to the rest of these social media outlets in a firestorm, even starting a channel on Telegram (can you believe some Russian character got the goodgodfather name before I could? What a clown!), which you can join here:




It’s been a minute since I’ve done any livestreaming, but I anticipate going live on:




Periscope (although we had some troubles with this last time)

Facebook (which I am technically, currently, banned from, but I think FB doesn’t care about monitoring my GGF page, so we should be good.)

So watch for that livestream in the next couple of days where I’ll be working on the website, the Baptismal Fount mix, potentially also a Vile Devil mix, as well as continuing on my vector graphic logos of the Vulture, the Icon, and the Text Graphic.

That is, only if I don’t get distracted by this topic of the Act of 1871, which essentially is an Act, passed in 1871, which authors the control of the United States Government under contract to the Corporation of the United States, a private entity, owned and operated by the same banks that own the Bank of London and the Vatican…. I will probably be spending more time on that, and the issue of the debt, at the time, and seeing if we can’t make a correlation between that at the panic that followed in 1893, on the issue of gold prices.

Alright, now that you’re caught up there, you want to know who I’ve got a major crush on right now?

Kimberly Thompson!!! She’s a major babe, and she’s come under fire for her allegations and restraining order that was denied and leaked by the courts to the press in order to shame and defame her reputation, and basically send her underground. But they can’t take her down because YHVH is her protector, and deliverer, and she is sharing His love and truth strong, as she pursues her craft as a major genius creator in all things art, culture and music.

Check out this interview with her here.

Like a typical fanboy, I totally sent her a private email, that I hope she’ll respond to… but if she does, I’M NOT TELLING YOU! :-P

Alright, thanks for reading, that’s all for now, please go out there, like, share, comment, subscribe, and let’s keep up the Good work prepared for us from before the foundations of the earth!




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