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This week, we continue our campaign push to migrate our content from major corporate conglomerates, (All the usual suspects… you know who they are), and build a stronger base on alternative platforms. To do that, we’re posting old videos on Rumble, one at a time, and today, it’s one of our earliest lyric videos of the song, Dedication. This is a song that’s been on the rosters for a very long time, being written around the 2005-2006 era, and recorded in the summer of 2006-2007 era. It was released with the rest of the tracks that make up what was the album,

Do Not Resuscitate, which was part of an early effort by Xwan and a band of friends to startup a record company called Berean Records, that never quite got off the ground.

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And with that I bid you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


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