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Following along with the unfolding apocalypse, Good God Father, here to keep the record straight on the breaking news, stories and agendas that are taking over the internet and air waves. So, with sinking hearts, I, Sean Lewis, send out my sincerest condolences, and warmest affections for the community in Sutherland Springs, TX, who were devastated by an absolute act of pure, and unadulterated evil. My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families who were victimized by this ruthless, and staggeringly brutal travesty. It’s events like these that are constantly giving me pause to reflect on my vision, and drive as an artists, to reassess my views and values to focus on the heart of the matter, and so far, I’m overcome by my conscience to continue to be fueled by my outrage to pour in to what I know is beautiful. Being a child of the Christian church, myself, I grieve with deep groaning for the body of Christ, as the nation that was founded by it’s Spirit and virtues continues to reject, and even attack what St. Paul declared as “…the pillar and bulwark of the truth…”, where at one time, in a world where Christianity was without respite from constant violence in nations around the world, the United States was a true refuge from persecution. Now, however, we’re finding these shores to be riddled with the same inescapable third world aggression. But where the world strikes fear, we offer hope, and reason. A voice of resolve in a thick cloud of delusion. So we carry on to the things which we are to remember to celebrate, mourning not as the world mourns, as without hope. We have our hope, and today, Ryan Cek, of Ryno’s Radio Revolution, is a great reason for our hope. He’s given us a great statement on the, Good God Father, movement that you’re sure to find as inspiring as we have found. Here’s what he had to say about the band:

Good God Father, when you hear the name you don’t know exactly what you’re in for, and I think that’s what they’re going for. Deep and dark songs in minor key with slightly off kilter melodies abound in their musical landscape. The singer, Sean Lewis, believes in the words he’s singing and you can feel that in his powerful voice. There is a definite intensity to his delivery, though oftentimes it’s pretty subdued. He has a serious mission that he’s undertaken with this band, struggling with various different band members and band names before coming up with his true band name. His influences of The Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and Alice in Chains are all over the music, while not being a facsimile of those influences. I’m excited to see how the album I Pray You they are working on will turn out. I’m expecting deep, meaningful songs. Sean sees his music as an academic pursuit and the continuation of a tradition, with the purpose of contextualizing life in the 21st century. A lofty goal, but based on what I’ve heard I think Good God Father can pull off this endeavor. We need more music that is saying something, especially in these challenging divisive times.

You can tune in to his radio show on these links, and follow the live chat here:

Mojo Radio Live Chat Be sure to like and follow on Facebook as well: Radio Revolution

Huge thanks to Ryan for the kind words! I’ll definitely be tuning in today.

In other good news, I’ve been blessed with a second child, a beautiful healthy girl, thanks to the patience and courage of my beautiful wife Teal.

All there is now to finish the drywall up at the studio, which should be complete in the next couple of days, and start blasting through tracks to get a full length album out next year! I’m very excited to get it done, but in the mean time, I will be putting together previous tracks to release on Spotify. In the meantime, here’s a playlist you can follow, and share, and listen to. Play these tracks, and help us rack up royalties to fund, I Pray You.

Spotify Swandezvous Playlist

You probably have an uncle, a step dad, a grandma, a cousin, a friend’s friend, a niece, another friend, or someone along the line working out their days as an artist or musician, trying to land the perfect band name to really stake their claim on an unsuspecting world. For Oregon artist, Sean Lewis, that perfection has in fact become a reality, after years of failed attempts at rock and roll dreams with names like: Auburn, Masonic Weird, and Martyred Whitmans, which managed to print two CD releases over the course of their eight years of pure angst and aggression. With those days gone, and the misty haze of long nights settling in to the distance, Sean trudges forward under a new name, and new image of American freedom as, Good God Father. What does it mean, you ask? Well, it’s what it doesn’t mean that seems to be the point for this group, that’s in the process of rebranding their entire back catalog, which comes as a precursor to what will be the first official release of new material from the act, titled, I Pray You. But before you get to sink your teeth in to those tracks, Sean and company are giving you some context on how to understand and perceive the band, being that throughout the years of line-up swaps, and coming and going of friends and loved ones, which is why they’ll be titling the release of their back catalog as, Context. You can expect Good God Father to be very thorough with such in order to draw the focus of your attention toward the broader scope of music in culture and in history in a continuous line of story after story, bringing you in to the modern era’s woes, sorrows, joys, and jubilance. So keep your thumb on their page, and follow along across all platforms to witness for yourselves the unfolding saga of the Good God Father.

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