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Swan here, breaking info on the music front. As part of the rebranding process, I’ll be releasing the first two albums I recorded (under the names Auburn, and Masonic Weird), as a single full length LP for digital distribution, which will be titled Context. I’ve titled it as such in order to give context for what I’ll be releasing in the future.

I’ll release artwork as things develop, but in the meantime, you’ll still be able to purchase and download those tracks straight from our Bandcamp until the release.

I’ve also got some more T-shirt and baseball cap designs in the works. If you’re interested at all in auditioning on drums or bass, be sure to send an email to

I’m doing the rebrand in order to catch up to something that was never really achieved in the earlier days as a performing artist that Good God Father is about fulfilling. As I like to say, the name we have now is the name that I’d wished we’d had a long time ago. It’s a brand that I can get behind and really outlines what I’m about as a rock musician. I’m less interested in some agenda to be “modern” and “progressive”, and more interested in being a solid voice of reason and innocense in a jaded and confused culture.

I’ve taken some huge hits over the years in my pursuits, but in hindsight, they were worth it to find myself at this stage, where I’m building from scratch, focused on the highest of virtues to carry me where I’m meant to go. There are never any promises that what I imagine for myself is in any way a destiny for me to live out, so I imagine no such vanity. But I hang tightly to the simplest and most elemental forces to propel me to each step.

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