Good God Father Volunteers Fourth Year on Non-Profit Tour

Yamhill valley Christian Goth rock act Good God Father has confirmed tour dates for a fourth year on the eXtreme Tour. The one man band, fronted and by solo artist, Sean Lewis, aka Xwan Solo, joins up with the tour following a four day festival in the Columbia Gorge, called Fire Fest NW, which takes place on Labor Day weekend.

From the eXtreme Tour is a non-profit organization that partners with Community Groups and Clubs, Civic Organizations, Churches, Schools and Institutions, Government Agencies, and Municipalities that are working charitably to meet the needs of the disenfranchised and underserved. For almost 30 years now, in hundreds of communities scattered throughout over 20 countries, team members and partners have been on a mission to use their gifts, skills, and abilities to bring Love, Hope, Unity, and vital Resources to people in need. Artists from all over the world volunteer to perform free festival styled events in various locations and venues, supported on donations and merch sales, and whatever food, showers and sleeping quarters provided by city host partners. There are several “legs” covering many regions, and artists enlist on a minimum of two weeks of dates. This year, Good God Father is enlisted for 25 days, mostly in Oregon and Washington.

To find out more about the Tour and check out tour dates, visit their website: Parties interested in details and updates can sign up on the Good God Father email list on the website or RSVP on BandsInTown and SongKick There are no tickets for sale or entry at these events. They are all free. In order to ensure GGF makes it to each town, contributors are encouraged to purchase merch at the Good God Father Bandcamp, donate on Paypal, Venmo, and Patreon