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Sean Lewis, Good God Father frontman, had the pleasure of sitting down to respond to some interview questions from Robex Lundgren. You can read up on the former interview at this link:

interview with Martyred Whitmans

In other developments, Sean, will be holding the bass end for the Salem band, The Glyph. His debut performance with the group will be on February 2nd at the Tardis Room in Portland, followed by an onslaught of Portland performances with the group.:

If you’d like to hear music from the group, they’ve got several tracks available for streaming on Soundcloud:, the search continues for a full solid rhythm section, and we’ve got another drummer we’re auditioning this week. But before I let the cat out of the bag on who that is, we’re going to see how the audition goes, but you can keep your thumb on our Periscope profile to watch for a live feed of the session. We’ll be using our time not only to audition new musicians, but also to dial in our new studio equipment, which at this point, is an Allen & Heath GL4. So far, it’s settled out to be a major score, although, beggars can’t be choosers, and this choice has definitely come with a few issues, but we’re still much better off from where we were, with 32 channels, and 8 Auxiliary bus outputs. That’s a huge step up from our Yamaha MW10, which was 10 channels, and very limited Auxiliary outputs. So as slow as things may appear, they are developing and before too long, we’ll have a ready culture machine for forming a future reality that once were beholden only in dreams. So stay tuned, and be ready. You won’t want to miss these days of small beginnings:




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