merch banner We’ve now got our ground coverage on all corners of the web to build the resources necessary to hit the ground running with powerful, and intent content, with a message of conviction, and inpsiration. This great world of ours has been hijacked by hostile powers. Thieves have stolen thought, labor, history, and our very lives, through the use of many great lies, reinforced by exorbitant amounts of resources spent on advertising, and media. Artists on the lower levels have expended their efforts in order to gain their corner on the market of that messaging, with messages of vanity, greed, apathy, perversion, and nihilism, and these are the artists that big money get behind in order to continue their vile deception of the whole world’s innocence, and sustainability. Good God Father seeks to undermine that agenda, with a counter agenda. An open agenda to thwart those efforts, by creating and promoting content founded on Virtue, Truth, Love, Faith, Justice, Hope, Reason, Trust, Peace, Prosperity, and Holism by writing music, and creating images rooted in that heart, with every amount and zeal, passion, and urgency that can be mustered. This requires a level of commitment, organization, and tenacity greater than the opposition, which might seem more than we can chew. The answer to that is a matter of the mind, and that just happens to be the name of the game: Mind over Matter. There’s a particular beauty to ideas, in that it only takes one good one to plant, as a seed, in or imaginations, to grow to the size of it’s true potential, and the only thing that can stop that, is you. You are the only force getting in the way of tyranny, injustice, and deceit from taking root in your mind, and your belief is what fuels the growth of these ideas. So, what are the ideas, and the ideals you want to see take root in your mind, and in this world? If it’s the values of Altruism, and Liberty, then contribute to the next message product from Good God Father, called I Pray You, as a first step in our campaign of reversing the curse of corruption, control, and manipulation. We’ll continue to do our part of investing in to creating clear and concise messages, that bring people together under an umbrella of safety, security, and longevity. Contribute at any of these sites: Bandcamp Swandezvous Patreon Good God Father Patreon Indiegogo Kickstarter

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