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With our follower purge on Twitter plateauing at about 900, I’ll be putting in a solid day of streaming tomorrow. Be sure to make the move to new alternatives, before they censor everything:

DLive Rumble Minds Gab

For some reason YouTube lifted their penalties on our livestream, so we’ve reinitiated those capabilities on that platform. So join me on a stream, and I’ll be taking on more mixes, and more updates in real time, throughout the day.

YouTube Twitch Periscope Facebook

If you have another preferred social media platform that you’d like to find us on, let us know! Chances are, we’re already there. Just search @GoodGodFather, and you’re sure to find us.

IN OTHER NEWS, we’ve acquired the url domain, and will be developing that website in real time, likely in a livestream. Probably going to be working on that via the Hugo design platform. Follow along as we learn, and be sure to drop any tips in the comments.

That’s all for now.

We’ll see you on the digital front lines,


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