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Alright, so after last night, when I sat down to churn out one of these blog post thingies, I got nearly to the very end of a hefty post just for my phone to completely drop my draft. So this time, I’ll try to keep things short and sweet and to the point. First, to catch up on, Good God Father shared in two recent performances which were captured on video, which you can watch at these links:

Solo performance at The Fifty Pub N Grub in Salem, Oregon, September 22, 2017

X Fest NW, September 3, 2017, Skamania County Fair Grounds, Stevenson, WA

The next was a solo performance at the Fifty in Salem:

Once you’ve watched these, be sure to peruse the rest of the videos we’ve published to get caught up to snuff on what we’ve posted. One Periscope, we’ve been slowly plowing through the Nazarene Acts of the Apostles: Recognitions of Clement. A very thoughtful extra-Biblical New Testament text that gives some insight in to the ideas that were floating around at the time surrounding the debate on God, the Gospel, and Truth. Catch up with us there on Periscope. The studio we’ll be doing future recording in is going through a renovation, so you can also expect things to be moving forward with that in the coming weeks. Follow along at these links:

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If you’d like to be a part of taking these efforts forward, and show your support, and that you’re behind what we’re creating here, be sure to purchase and download our tracks and purchase t-shirts and merchandise at Bandcamp, become a patron on our Patreon account, and help us fund the release of our full length LP we’re currently writing and recording in studio, I Pray You, by contributing at our IndieGoGo account:

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We’re still working out who’s going to be filling in on the rest of the rhythm section, ala, bass, and drums, but so far, things have been moving steadily forward with a great friend, Austin Bellemare. A stellar musician and brilliant mind.

So there’s never a dull moment here, so be sure to stay tuned, subscribe, like, share, follow, all of it, and you too will be a Living Witness.

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