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Seasons greetings,

I’ve come on to an opportunity where I’m able to invest in some new equipment for the studio, and that has me shopping for cameras. That has led me to choosing between three options, namely:

The Canon EOS -R, the Sony A 7III and the Fujifilm X-T3

Each of these are 60fps, and 4k. Although, Canon and Sony have the only 4k that is NOT cropped, I’m choosing the Fujifilm for more nuanced reasons that rely more on the color science.

In addition, I’m polishing of the final touches on my E-MU Creative 1616m recording interface with the ART DMPA II to bring in the last two channels to capitalize on the maximum 19khz speed capacity in my Pro Tools 2018 DAW rig.

So we’re talking tech, we’re talking ideas, quality, and future plans from the Hearando Studios with Good God Father.

Watch it all here:


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