merch banner Living with meaning means living the way you’re meant to. When you do that, you’ll Live, as long as you’re meant to. That’s why, when you make the choice to pursue rejuvenating and immune reinforcing habits, you’re doing more than getting healthier, you’re taking a stand on what you believe is right. When your exercise your right to live by choosing to live with meaning, by living the way you’re meant to, you’re telling the rest of the world, and all of its other ideas it has meant for you, that they don’t have a right to you, and your life. It is meant for you and you alone, and no one else. That’s something that can’t be taken from you. You’re liberty to decide what your life is meant for. That’s what makes liberty so powerful. That it’s so true, that’s its so inseparable from existence itself, it was meant to be found, meant to be cherished, and meant to be fought for, and killed for. Only, now, maybe we’ll finally arrive at the chance that it can be lived for. So live today, and make sure you’ve got the tools to do it well, with probiotics, digestive enzymes and essential vitamins and minerals that tell the rest of your body that it can be as free as your mind is.

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