merch banner As indie artists further dig in to their respective trenches across the new home recording landscape, this work horse has proven to stand the test of time: The E-MU 1616m from Creative has lasted 10 years, and three Windows Operating Systems.

As long as you’ve got a PCI-e x1 slot open on your motherboard, you’re going to benefit from the 192 khz speed with the same conversion technology as the Pro Tools HD Core A/D.

Are you an independent artist that doesn’t want to shell out the big bucks for studio time? You think you could manage putting together your own tracks in a DAW of your choosing? Maybe the 1616m is the right option for you. This device features 6 full analog inputs, including to XLR/Line input channels on the front, with four other rear 1/4" TRS balanced inputs. 6 TRS balanced outputs, as well as expandable ADAT lightpipe input and outputs that clock at 192 khz as well. Now, this is listed as an “End of Service Life” device, so you won’t be looking at any kind of service support, nor will it be as easy as placing a retail online order from some popular music or media equipment website. However, if it’s something you can track down on the used market, I can do nothing but recommend it, for it’s professional competitive features that can put you where you need to be if you’re trying to build your own home studio on a budget, without draining the bank on extra frills that will only hit you in the wallets, instead of your ears. However, all of this comes with one certain drawback: a lack of stability on Windows 10 updates on stock E-MU website support drivers. That’s not where you’re going to want to start with getting this piece tied in to your Windows system. It’s going to take a little more effort than a simple “click to install”. You’ll need to take a few extra steps to get things running.

In this video, I follow the instructions to get the right installation parameters set for the Windows 10 updates, posted at this forum link:

On another note, here’s an interesting video on sample rates and what speed you should be recording at:


















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