merch banner Holiday greetings to you, As we’ve already buried ourselves in several hundreds of bags of popcorn, watching the events unfolding around us, and spanning the globe, I, Xwan, have taken a moment to outline some ideas, as we process next moves. Being driven further in doors, and in assessing the nature of things, there’s become greater opportunity to generate video content from here at my home studio. So far, I’ve managed to conquer half the globe in the game Civilization VI, as well as beginning to attempt some ASMR, in saying some prayers and reading some scripture. Aside from that, there was a great session playing EVE Online, where Twitch viewers donated $70 million ISK in one night! I STILL have that ISK in my wallet. So I’ve been working through learning the game, and incorporating it in to my content generation. Have to give mad props, and thanks to RonUSMC for raiding my stream. All this has been happening along side of coming music that I’m currently engineering and producing with what I anticipate will be a full length LP to release in the Spring. For the first time ever, I can confidently say, I am actually on schedule to do so. There’s also plenty of coverage of the ongoing election confusion in AZ. With all of this going on, it has me processing some ideas about what the point of all of this is. It’s about trajectory. Where are we going? how can we be sure that we know where we’re going? I process some of these questions, and answer a couple of others in this, my first exclusively posted Rumble video.

Having the time now to go over each piece and just start the voyage of following all the threads, what we can uncover together, I think, is the pearl of great price that awaits all of us, if we have the nerve to pursue it. You’ll begin to see better content, and better connections, day by day, as these practices become second nature. As the saying goes, it’s more about the journey than the destination.

With that said, I bid you a Shabbat Shalom, and have a great weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for livestreams.

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