merch banner Grace, is a word that, like many before me, has taken hold in such a way that I cannot deny it’s value to me. This came to me, as itself a grace, or gift, that I didn’t wish for. In fact it came through much pain, like many of my generation. Once I found it, I reasoned that if this gift was so vast as I could then imagine, to my still developing intellect, then the storehouses where those gifts originate must the more vast be. So much so, that it’s power to form is so perfectly corrective so as to perform it’s own distinct purpose of will. As one imagines grace, in themselves, they imagine an image that could not come from it’s own members, but from the images impressed upon it from without. This is the result of the combined geometry of the world without which is represented to the mind within, via complex physics of electrons and neurons, and how the simultaneous action of those result in an interpreted ideal in the mind of human beings, and even all living beings which have senses to interpret the signals that the environment assert.

This symbiosis combined have communicated to the minds of many an infinite well of Grace, which is moved by Love to save the object of its affection. It is so moved to bestow these things, it risks its own Life to impart this Will to Live for others, as a mother and father are so instinctively willing to live and give their lives to their own children. That Grace which is afforded to our own demise at the expense of people with intentions that seek to rob us of that Grace, affords in the same the corrective measures within that Grace to beg the question, how far does this Grace go? Is Grace the Lust of God for a Beloved faithful Bride going to cost Him just that for which He Lusts after? Or is that faithful Bride for which He longs a mirror reflection of Himself which would chastise Herself before she would abandon Her first Love? This is the corrective action of Grace. The measure by which a Beloved entrusts to another Beloved. Why would anyone wish to risk such an infinitely invaluable gift as a True Love, than to abandon what cost billions of years, and countless generations to find? That realm exists on a thin thread between two opposing realities. To the right is absolute Domination through insistence to the other to submit, and to the Left, abject poverty of dignity at the expense of the whole, enraptured by a single instance. That instance is the Presence of your own consciousness, if you are reading this, and can comprehend what I’m typing to you. You didn’t ask for this moment, you were invited here, by those who came before you, and wanted to share this moment with you (whom you might call your parents). But these parents had parents, and those before them, tracing back on an infinite lineage of events translating to a moment where there was no moment, which you share in, when you ask yourself, “Who was I before I was born?”. You were invisible, to be sure, as no one who knows you now, knew you as you were before you were. So then you share, in origins, an existence with that which is invisible, and in-comprehensible to the human mind. You share in an inheritance with which is impossible, since that which you were before was not, and now is. You share an identity with that, just the same as you share an identity with your own parents whom you see, you have parents whom you cannot see. You might call them “Grandparents”, or “Great-Grandparents”.

So if then, we cannot see them who were, so that they are now invisible, we are no more interacting with the real now, as we ever did with the real then, since everything that is actually happening is happening before we see it, according to the way we understand the behavior of light, and according to the understanding that our brains do not interpret communications until after the action occurred. Once you comprehend that light, it has changed, and become something different, which you’re forced to reinterpret, until you can manage a context by which to interact with the physical, on a moving scale of successive moments, which are a Planck Length apart. We call this “worldview”, in America. With all of these things combined, as One Living Organism, both beings seen, and unseen, as One Entity, we see that cause and effect springs forth out of a certain distinct set of rules, where there is. So then, if there are rules to follow, that assumes a unified agreement between all parties which agree to the distinction of their boundaries, if those experiences are to considered at all as an actuality,. Otherwise, what use is reality, if there isn’t a word to describe it? There would be nothing to distinguish between what is healthy and wise, over and against what is diluted, and self-effacing.

So, I’m allowing for Grace to correct me, to teach me what it’s Will is, since it has taken such painstaking measures (in Planck Lengths), to set out a Way, by honoring my Father and Mother, through learning as much as I can about what they have to teach me, at every expense, and in all ways, until the world around me is as perfect as it is supposed to be, lacking in Nothing, so that Ageless things would be acknowledged for Whom and What they are distinguished to be. merch banner